Issues and rantings


Two past five. 

Drunk on sobriety, the walls stare back at me. 

It’s raining, like your average, clichéd story. A silent, steady drizzle – nothing torrential. 

Nothing that will wash away who I am. 

Not tonight. 

Twilights remind us – sometimes not so gently – how nothing, nothing, is forever. 

It is one of the hardest things to accept, but sometimes, it is one of the most relieving.

Tonight, it is both. 

So I gulp down the remnants from the bottle – remnants, the colour of the setting Sun, the burn of the rain. 

The sky is a little hazy now, as if painted with an almost – finished crayon. 

Another sip. 


Why are we, as human beings, so arrogant to think that anything we do, feel or say, is permanent? 

Permanence is a a myth created to make us believe how all our actions – and relations – are set in stone, and maybe they are, maybe, but stones gather dust and sand with time, and with time, so do we! 

So do we. 

I read somewhere,

“That’s the problem with heartbreak, to you it’s like an atomic bomb but to the world it’s just a cliché.,” 

And I think how true it is. 

I think how it is so arrogant, and stupid of us to think that what we do, or feel, as average individuals, makes any sort of lasting impression on the world! 

And the fact that it doesn’t – maybe it’s not a bad thing at all. 

Maybe it’s good, maybe it is what allows us to heal, to replenish ourselves. 

Maybe we should all stop hunting for permanence. For a forever that will never come. 

Maybe we should all stop counting hours, and minutes, and seconds to tomorrow. 

And focus on the moments today. 

Two past five. 

Too many past five. 

Have I wasted today as well? 


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